Titantec GD620T-3 Landowner 62cc Earth Auger

Titantec GD620T-3 Landowner 62cc Earth Auger


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Introducing the Titantec GD620T-3 is a 62 cc Landowner earth auger.

Whether you’re installing a fence, planting trees or creating a new garden bed, the GD620T-3 makes the job quick and easy. With its powerful 62cc motor and durable construction, this auger is designed to handle even the toughest soil conditions.

The GD620T-3 is supplied with the following accessories:

Optional accessories available:

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Model GD620T-3
Design 2-stroke
Displacement 62 cc
Petrol to Oil Ratio 25:1
Max Power 2.6 kW @ 7500 RPM
Fuel Tank Capacity 0.9 Litres


Consumer / Home Owner 12 Months Limited
Semi-Professional / Land Owner 6 Months Limited
Commercial / Business Owner N/A


Titantec GD620T-3 Operator Manual
Titantec GD620T-3 Parts Manual

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